Steve Lyons

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Steve Lyons is a writer and theatre producer and musician.

With a degree in electrical engineering (UC Berkeley), I began my career in hardware design and then migrated to software engineering. I took two years off from engineering to design and build my own house, which led to writing a book for first-time home buyers. Soon this book became a book/software combination.

I returned to engineering as an independent consultant, allowing more time to focus on writing. I began writing free-lance articles for magazines and newspapers - mostly related to real estate. But soon I branched out and I was publishing articles on a myriad of subjects, such as fire safety, the music industry, software programming, and health care policy.

All this time I was keeping journals of "ideas," mostly snippets of dialogue. I decided that all this dialogue might mean I am a playwright! So I took courses and was soon writing plays. After a few failed attempts I found my plays being produced on stage.

I founded the Berkeley play writing group "Playwrights Cafe" in 1998, which I ran for 13 years. It is still going strong. In 2012, I initiated the AACT NewPlayFest, one of the largest new play festivals in the nation.

In 2014, I co-founded the theatre company Bellingham TheatreWorks.

My articles have appeared in multiple magazines, including The Progressive, Option Magazine, Z Magazine, Northern California Home and Garden, Wire, Physicians for a National Health Program, Whole Earth Review, The Phoenix Journal, Visual C++ Developer, HowlRound and The Dramatist. I wrote a book that sold over 10,000 copies.

My stage plays have been produced in London, Edinburgh, New York City, Philadelphia, Boulder, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Bellingham, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco and elsewhere.

I am now a house husband for my wife Bree and son Riley. I pursue writing, theatre producing and music (drumming) in between cooking, cleaning or doing the laundry!

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Play writing group I founded: PlayCafe
Theatre I co-founded: Bellingham TheatreWorks
I conceived and helped initiate a new play festival: AACT NewPlayFest
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